Cherry Blossom School

Our school is no ordinary school and not for ordinary children. We help children with learning disabilities around the country to get over their problems and educate them in a different way.

We have qualified professionals well suited for the task. Though a new school, we have helped many overcome their learning problems by giving personal attention to each student and by following a learning pattern that they are more comfortable with.

Meet our Administration

We have a set of talented and qualified professionals that started us up.


Sherin Mathew

The Principal of our institute, she's a wonder when dealing with students.


Our Administrator

Our administrator is the chief person dealing with the paperwork, the red tape, the money and our supply of lollipops. Just joking on the last one lol.


Fire Craze

He's our tech admin who helps us with the technical part of things. For instance, he's the one who designed this web page.

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